Your mind, emotions and body are instruments
and the way you align and tune them determines
how well you play life.

- Harbhajan Singh Yogi - 

Monday Mommy Meditation

Welcome to Monday Mommy Meditation (MMM) - I am thrilled to have you join our beautiful community!


MMM is a free weekly meditation circle that I look forward to each week. This idea came to life during the midst of the pandemic, when everyone I knew was quarantined at home in close quarters with nonstop mommy todos of cooking, cleaning, homeschooling just to name a few. I knew moms were burnt out, not just from the latest statistics, but because I was experiencing the same burn-out too. I felt so compelled to offer my mama friends a space to just come together and rest, let off some steam, and recharge in the best way I knew how ~ Meditation.


Today, MMM has become a weekly norm and I welcome you to join in on this collective of strong mama energy that's knows no geographical boundaries! All you got to do is show up when you can and give yourself just 20 minutes of connection within and around.


Join me LIVE every Monday at 10:10AM GMT Time as I guide you to relax, release, and reset for the week ahead. We tackle a new theme every month, allowing space for interaction and stillness. For the mamas who cannot make the time, I got you! A weekly recording alongside a newsletter will be provided so that you can enjoy this on your own free time.


TLP believes all mothers should be supported and this is my simple gift to you, mama!

You deserve it.

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