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The Supported Mother

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An intimate 10-week online workshop dedicated to supporting mothers as they navigate their multifacted roles as caretakers to all but themselves.

Incubated in Columbia University's Spiritual Wellness Lab, The Supported Mother is mind-body and spiritual workshop that deep dive into our maternal journey and experience in a whole new way. 

Over the course of 10 weeks, The Supported Mother takes you on a journey of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey in a safe, cohort-like environment, where mothers meditate, create, move, share, and explore within and along likeminded mothers. 

This workshop welcomes all mommies and those whom identify as caretakers to take a chance on oneself!

Next Workshop: July 2022

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Womb Healing

A  foundational mindfulness course designed just for mamas and caretakers who are looking to add more calm, clarity, and awareness into their busy lives.

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Writing Workshop

A  foundational course designed for the busy bees who's interested in incorporating mindfulness at work and in everyday life.