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New Year Resolution or New Year Burden?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

It's the second day of 2022 and oops, I have yet to set my obligatory New Year resolution nor wrap up last year's pending tasks.Tsk tsk, my inner critic sneers. It's the start of the year and you're already lagging behind.

The truth is, I’ve been enjoying a long overdue break post grad school and my time has been nourishingly filled up with family, Netflix, and sleep. I haven't felt this free in a long while. Yet, why is there a lingering guilt whispering in the background: You should be more on top of it!

Come to think of it, for most of my 2021 and the past five years, I’ve found myself sharing less and moving slower unless I feel truly called (or in the mood). No longer do I automate just because.

Coincidentally, a millenial friend of mine just so happen to share an insightful IG post with me regarding New Year Resolution, or in many cases, New Year Burden. Case in point: How many of us have the following goals? I need to lose this much weight. I need to make this much money. I need to hit this mark by this time. Sound familiar? It got me thinking:

Why do we as humans decide to use the earth's rotation around the sun as a benchmark in reviewing what we lack and what more we need?

While there is nothing wrong with setting goals, but why be pressured by the schedule of our solar system versus our own innate timing? All this begs the question of whether or not we even need to set “New Year” resolutions in the first place? Where does this pressure of expecting more of ourselves come from?

What if we changed our scarcity mindset to believing we're enough as we are?

So, here I am, back at it again, sharing my thoughts a few days “late,” with piling todos that I've consciously put on the back burner. Because hey, I have a lot going on and the time to fully reflect and process has not yet arrived.

How about giving ourselves a break by acknowledging all that we already are? I am here to tell you it is okay to let go of timelines and expectations. It is okay to give ourselves more space to breathe and turn on work mode when we're holistically ready. It's okay to take things slow or not even at all. IT IS OKAY!

The pressure is mostly ours to give. Are you ready to be more gentle with yourself?

Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Hands over your heart, and repeat after me:

May I accept myself just as I am.

May I be free. May I be loving. May I be peaceful.

Happy New Year, my friends. My late mantra for you! Spot any difference?

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