COVID Afterthoughts

First of all, thank you to every single person for their well wishes towards Bradlee’s recovery. Now on his 10th and final day of quarantine, he’s close to full recovery with some lingering night coughs left. Despite his self-quarantine and my constant sanitizing, little brother and my husband also somehow contracted COVID. Today, my right ear and throat feel a little funny, but manageable at this point. Reiki (energy healing), nonstop hydration, and 4 pots of chicken soup have helped us get through this period safely. Not to mention the endless love and support from our friends and family. That alone have been healing.

Unfortunately, I have many mama friends who are just starting to deal with COVID-positive children and are reaching out with questions. I figure I’ll follow-up with our family COVID story so that it could possibly be of reference to you. I found that when our class parents shared live updates on our kids’ symptoms, it relieved a lot of stress knowing what to expect next. Given that you’ve already read the previous entry on Bradlee’s experience, I’ll spare the emotional details and directly provide you my do’s and don’ts for COVID caretaking.


Firstly, all three boys in my family had varying symptoms and different degrees of discomfort. The common denominator was that the worst parts passed through in 48 hours.

With Bradlee, after a handful of positive cases from class, he came down very quickly with 4-5 episodes of 40-degree fevers within 24-hours. During his fevering episodes, he experienced severe headaches, dizziness, hot/cold sweats, and at his worst, hallucinatory visions, incomprehensible mumbling, and eye-rolling. I don’t have the scientific terms for his experiences, but it could've been just reaction from all the fever reliever he took or simply put, it was a hostile COVID takeover. In between his fever breaks, we made sure he ate and hydrated. He was even willing to gulp down some Chinese herbal medicine complementary of my dear mama friend. When the fevers finally subsided, Bradlee spent most of his self-quarantine days resting and sleeping. He developed a dry cough by the third day and continued to feel fatigued. Now at his 10th day, he’s back to normalcy with only a slight cough left.

During Bradlee’s quarantine period, we made sure he had all he needed in his room while I washed and rewashed every single fabric and cups at home, wiping down and spraying sanitizers all around the house, vacuuming and mopping everything he could’ve touched. As parents, it’s almost impossible to leave him in complete solitude at his worst; so when we did enter his domain to hand him ice-packs and meds, we switched out clothing, wore double face-masks, and sanitized our hands 100 times before returning to others.

Even after all these precautions, my younger son still caught it three days later. Bryce’s symptoms were very different from Bradlee. He had two days worth of fevers, between 38-40 degrees, felt dizziness, and couldn’t hold down much food. He was immobile and slept for two days on his bed, surviving off of bananas, white toast, porridge, and sports drink. Occassionally, he would complain of dizziness, but for the most part he just slept. Then suddenly, he just bounced back to normal with no lingering symptoms as if it all never happened.

My husband on the other hand contracted COVID days after Bryce, and what he felt were completely different from the kids. While he had no fevering episodes, he had splitting headaches, complete nasal congestion, dry smoker-like cough that came out especially strong at night, and experienced two sleepless nights of collapsed throat. By the third day, he came back around, but has now developed a mild cough.

Fortunately, the worse is over and what we had gone through was only considered “mild” symptoms. I can’t even imagine those who had mid-to-severe COVID, especially the ones who had to deal with it alone.