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The Authentic Self

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Growing up, one of the parenting lessons I took away from dad was "Jessica, always be yourself."

Be Yourself. What does that mean to be myself?

It seems so cliche, so simple. But it's always the cliches that are the hardest to attain. Yet behind the simplicities in life, there is always deep wisdom to be found.

To be oneself, one must know who the self is first. That is no simple task. As children, we are souls brought into this world lit up with wisdom, light, and freedom. Bit by bit, we lose ourselves through nature, nurture, societal standards, division, ego, fear, even unconscious collective and individual ancestral traumas and past life histories. We can go by our whole lives never asking, never knowing who we truly are.

In my case, it has taken me three decades (and going) to know myself again.

With some work, I have found my light once more. While it's an eternal task, I am now living the happiest, best version of me - the authentic me. The me who is aligned body, mind, and soul. The me who lives with heart and meaning. The me who loves myself unconditionally for all my ugliest shadows and amazing strengths. The me who is finally courageous enough to live my truth. The me who is free. The me who is love.

The best part of me is the natural light outwards. In living my truth, I've witnessed my loved ones also transforming in their own way. Taking part in others' journey of light has brought a deep wholeness into my life like never before.

Are you ready to be yourself?

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