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The Community Within

by Imani Joye Samuels


  • a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

  • a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

The Community Within

“How are you?” They ask. As if you are a sole entity embodying one sentiment to briefly describe your present moment state.

The truth is that we are multi-, inter-, trans- generational beings.

And yes, there is truth and beauty in honoring those who have come before us so that we can create generational joy for those who come after us. Our descendants.

But have you ever considered the community of you…that lives within.

And how essential it is to honor your past self so that you can liberate your present self.


As our traditional harvest season culminates in fellowship of family and gratitude, I am reminded of community.

The unity that communes within me is one that I have grown to adore.

I lay here gazing at the golden foliage dancing outside my window.

I listen to the chirps, or raps, of the birds and wonder what they might be so passionate about that they consistently serenade me with sweetness.

And perhaps, most importantly, I dream about how my future self might thank my present self for surrendering to this very moment. For being still on a seemingly insignificant Wednesday afternoon.

Community might be a fellowship of multiple individuals who share similar values. Or, it might be the embodiment of our past, present and future selves - convening for the best interest of the whole.

And as we all know, best interest is so subjective. My past self, my most sacred ancestor, teaches me what hills are worth climbing.

She supports my every desire, chanting and championing me with the utmost respect.

She leads me to the path of righteousness.

My future self, my most sacred descendent, impulsively pursues that which brings her joy. Sometimes anxiously. Sometimes with inconsistent breaths.

But in the balance, we find the perfection of presence. My present self is the love child of my most sacred ancestor and descendant.

The satisfying bliss permeates the air. It hisses and kisses thanks to present self. Thanks to Gifted self. Thanks to Abundant self.

My inner community, the trinity, celebrates the love and manifestation of every moment that is delicately handled with care.

Cheers to the trinity. May you find nourishment as you reflect on the community within.



Imani Joye Samuels is a spiritual thought leader. She dreams of a world that celebrates stillness as a means to discover peace.

As a champion of the practice of rest, Imani founded Huru, a sacred space in the heart of Washington, DC, and outside of Los Angeles, CA designed to foster rest. Huru infuses clinical, cultural and spiritual touches to facilitate deep introspection and optimal shut eye in an all-inclusive weekend. Her efforts to lead solo, group and corporate rest retreats have helped individuals and organizations across North America, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Taiwan, UAE, and the UK.

As the former Loyalty Director at AARP, Imani co-led AARP Rewards, a digital gamified platform for the greater good that drives preparation and knowledge to help individuals navigate through life transitions (health, wealth and self).

A graduate of the Spirituality Mind Body program at Teachers College, Columbia University, Imani integrates spirituality and entrepreneurship seamlessly. She holds an MA in Public Communication from American University and BA in Journalism from the illustrious Howard University. During her time at Howard, she also studied democratization and dance at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Imani is married with two young feminists, both who have a great sense of curiosity, purpose and imagination. //

Huru, Swahili for free, is designed to foster uninterrupted rest. Our all-inclusive rest experience creates space where guests can truly distill the present. Huru infuses clinical, cultural and spiritual touches to offer deep introspection and optimal shut eye through personalized nutrition and spiritual wellness practices such as mindfulness and meditation. Rest is a reparations of sorts, an antidote to self-love. Our restorative, sacred space and global initiatives have impacted hundreds of lives to cultivate inner peace across Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and, of course, our United States. To start your journey to stillness, follow us on Instagram @huru_space, visit or email us at and our host will get back with you shortly.


Would you like to contribute to our collection of authentic mind-body-spiritual wellness stories? We'd love to hear it!

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