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TLP 1:1 Meditation Coaching Inquiry

Personalized intuitive guidance for your inner and outer alignment.

  • 30 min
  • TBD


The TLP 1:1 Meditation Life Coaching is a personalized, co-created journey designed to unlock and align one’s inner and outer life. For when we are holistically aligned, we are then able to live with ease, awareness, truth, purpose, and joy. Whether you are seeking clarity or balance, feeling blocked or distressed, or needing support in reaching personal, professional or spiritual goals - it all begins by reconnecting within. We recognize that each (hero)ine’s path is unique and timely. TLP 1:1 not only tunes into and manifests your soul intentions, but also paves way for divine guidance towards your highest self. While I specialize in working with women and/or mothers, creatives and artists, entrepreneurs and leaders, TLP 1:1 welcomes anyone who is seeking: - Clarity, direction and purpose. - Inner peace and life balance. - Courage and empowerment. - Love and safety. - Inspiration and creativity. - Sounding board. - Acceptance and non judgement. - Rest and restoration. - Energetic realignment. - Inner Power unlocking. - Mind-Body & Spiritual connection. - Loving support to reach lifelong personal, professional, or spiritual goals. Available online or in-person (depending on your location). Reach out for a free clarity call if interested!

Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice for last minute cancellation!

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