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"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."

- Albert Einstein 

Welcome to the TLP space of learning, sharing, and experiencing! Every season, TLP offers a variety of inspiring wellness courses and workshops aimed to connect with our bodies, clear our minds, while uplifting our inner spirit for a holistic alignment. 

Check out our Fall course selections below! 



Part 1:"Building Our Foundation"

These days, the term"Mindfulness" seems to show up everywhere we look. It's not only integrated into our kids' school curriculum, discussed at corporate wellness events, it's even popping up on our social media feeds here and there. While it all sounds amazing, what exactly is mindfulness and how do we actually embody it into our everyday lives?  

Beyond its cultural popularity, decades of scientific research continue to support the link between mindfulness and wellbeing, from decreased stress level to increased self-awareness, sleep quality, productivity, and even relationships with others and oneself!


This October, join spiritual psychology educator and certified meditation coach Jessica, in PART 1 of her "Unpacking Mindfulness" workshop, where she will introduce the basic science and artistry of staying in the present moment via experiential and easy ways. Expect to learn practical yet powerful mind-body and spiritual practices that can be inserted into your life immediately. From calming meditations to shared group discussions to creative solo reflections, TLP welcomes you to EASE your way into mindfulness!

Spaces are limited to maintain class quality and student experience. Sign up today!