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"To live is to let go,
and in order to live fully
we must learn to let go fully
and to embrace the flow
that is the universe."

- Bodhipaksa (What You're Made Of)

For as long as I can remember, I've had always been a source to those seeking inspiration and guidance in their lives.


However, it took me years-on-end to find my way back home.


When the time finally arrived, I learnt that I was a HSP, empath, projector, light worker, various titles to describe our kind.  always had the keen ability to see into someone's soul and energy. I just needed time and practice to  and know exactly what their soul needed in the moment. With divine timing and years of soul (re)discovery, I arrived home - blessedly, consciously tuning into my calling as a sacred guide for those who are called to me.


As with any hero(ine)’s journey, my path towards alignment was not without its shortcomings. Perhaps by sharing my awakening story, you may see bits of yourself in me.


Years back, I was a young mom to two beautiful kids, a wife to an adoring husband, a co-founder to a purposeful family business. I had everything I've ever wished for but behind the facade, I felt tremendous emptiness and hollowness inside. This unfulfillment instigated more guilt, shame, and fear that started weighing down on my mental health and wellbeing. Having trained in maternal wellbeing, I now recognize that I was experiencing borderline clinical symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression.


During this dark period of my life, my role as a mother ironically was that which kept me going. At the same time, I was synchronously pulled into a whole new world surrounded by mind-body and spiritual practices. Under the loving guidances of soul sisters, I picked up writing, dancing, and music again. My creative reawakening led to deeper exploration in meditation, shadow work, women's circles, and healing arts from spiritual teachers that healed my soul inside out and beyond. During these soul-finding years, my scattered lost selves came back to me little by little - this time, stronger, happier, and more alive than ever before!


My healing journey also guided me back to grad school. Initially, I had no idea why I had returned back to student mode in my mid-thirties. My heart just knew I had to push through the long-distance travels, the 3am online classes, research papers, while up-leveling my responsibilities as a mom, wife, and business partner. My dear friend and colleague Terre, had once described my experience akin to the movie "Field of Dreams," where I was catching up to my life's calling. I believe she was 100% right.


Towards the end of my grad school, not only did I fall in love with the science behind psychospirituality and mind-body practices, I also discovered a deep passion and connection to the field of maternal mental health and wellbeing, particularly in that of Dr. Aurelie Athan's work on matrescence.


It was then, I realized that my spiritual awakening has always been the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood, a spiritual matrescence you could say. In becoming a mother, the deep learning curve prompted me to rediscover myself and my innate gifts, eventually leading to my work today, supporting other women, mothers, and female leaders who are just like me.


Today, I am a Clinical Psychology MA graduate of Columbia University's Spirituality, Mind-Body Institute with an Advanced Certification in Maternal Health and Wellbeing. I am an MBSR & 300H certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, Usui reiki healer, with an undergrad degree in literary journalism. In my free time, I love to meditate, write, read, learn, do yoga, dance, sing, and spend quality time with my loved ones. I admire creative expressions, live for delicious cuisines, long for cultural wisdom, and love to surround herself with imperfectly-perfect authentic souls. 


Thank you for reading my story. May the universe bring us together!

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