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Having always been a source to those seeking guidance, help and inspiration, Jessica decided to consciously step into her “light” in her early thirties. Matrescence - the multifaceted transition into motherhood - ignited Jessica’s inner transformation and spiritual awakening, uncovering a deep-rooted passion along the way in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of mothers and women. Since 2016, Jessica has been on a conscious path to deepen her mind-body-spiritual practices, honing her natural empathic skillsets alongside academic training and research of ancient wisdom. 

Today, Jessica is a holistic wellness educator, intuitive coach, certified meditation & mindfulness instructor and reiki healer. She holds a Clinical Psychology Masters from the Spirituality, Mind-Body Institute of Columbia University, with an Advanced Certification in Maternal Health and Wellbeing. Her undergrad years at University of California, Irvine was immersed in Writing and Literary Journalism, creative tools which she bring into her healing services.  

During her free time, Jessica enjoys meditating, journaling, practicing yoga, dancing and spending quality time with her loved ones. She admires creative originality, lives for delicious cuisines, and loves to surround herself with imperfectly-perfect authentic souls. 

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