chronicles of a modern-day 


Welcome to The Lotus Pond. I am honored you are called here today. This is a growth journal documenting my journey in living an authentic, connected, and purposeful life as a spiritual woman, mother, and human. Perhaps you will find solace in my stories. 

Writing has always been my form of meditation. With each stroke of a letter or tap of a keyboard, I would find myself in a deep flow - accessing a deep inner wisdom filled with creativity, inspiration, peace, and clarity. 

As the wise Thich Nhat Hanh said, "No Mud, No Lotus." The Lotus has been a strong guiding force throughout my growth as a woman and mother. I believe we are all lotuses, floating purposefully together in this pond called life. The muddy water, although dark and scary, is necessary to pave way for deep inner strength. By loving and being our most authentic self, we hold the power to rise through the mud and bloom towards the sunlight - becoming who we are always meant to be. 


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