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mind-body & spiritual wellness for women & mothers

Hi, I'm Jessica

A Columbia University trained spiritual psychology and maternal wellbeing educator, certified meditation coach, intuitive guide, and spiritual mama!

As a global citizen based in Asia, I combine my Eastern roots and Western academics to create culturally-sensitive wellnes programs for individuals and groups. As a modern woman and mother of two, I apply a feminine and intuitive approach in guiding those who feel called to my energy. As a fellow human being living in today's fast-paced world, I share practical yet powerful science-based tools that cultivate an aligned, connected, and enriching experience in the here and now.

I look forward to connecting with you! 


Wellness Offerings

Welcome to The Lotus Pond (TLP), a mind-body and spiritual wellness consultancy designed to enhance the inner and outer lives of women and mothers everywhere. We offer heart-based services ranging from 1:1 mentorship programs, transformative workshops, and psychoeducational seminars aimed to inspire, support, and raise women up towards their truest thus best selves. Our complementary and integrative approaches are not only rooted in ancient healing wisdom, but also supported by the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, mental health, and women & maternal wellbeing.

As the backbone of our global society, women and mothers deserve more health & wellness solutions that recognize, listen, and cater to their multifaceted developmental needs.

No matter where you are on your hero(ine) journey, there is always space for you at The Lotus Pond. 

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1:1 Experience

Unblock and realign your mind, body, and soul with individualized intuitive guidance and support.

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Mommy Meditation

A FREE mommy-exclusive online meditation circle to relax, release & renew for yourself & loved ones!

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Yoga at Home

Meditation Circles

Pause, breathe, and check in alongside like-minded souls.

Yoga at Home
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Self-Care Resources

Explore creative, educational, and self-loving resources from authentic blog entries to guided meditations.

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Client Love


Lisa, Researcher
United States

"Jessica was a wonderful coach who helped guide me through some very tough, life-challenging experiences. After our 8-week sessions, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude and hope for the future, and I have a strong sense of groundedness and spiritual maturity. After working with Jessica, I feel equipped to take on whatever life challenges me next, all with love and persistence!"

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Rama, Educator & Activist

“My sessions with Jessica have not just been transformative but also revealing. They have provided me the clarity I needed to truly heal my soul of painful events in my life. Thank you for your guidance and your continued support.”


Susanna, Entrepreneur
Hong Kong

"The time Jessica and I have spent working on our inner quality showed that she is absolutely involved, deeply loving, and naturally instinctive. The way she is able to acknowledge me and reflect back in a loving and positive way, while channeling healing energy through her heart guided meditation is her super power. She has awaken into her true gift, and I am grateful to have her as my guide."


"No Mud,
       No Lotus."



The LOTUS has always been a strong yet feminine archetypal symbol throughout my growth as a woman, mother, and sacred guide. I believe we are all lotuses, purposefully floating together in this pond called life. The muddy water, while dark and heavy at times, is a necessary journey designed to build and deepen our inner strength. By accepting, loving, and owning our most authentic self, we hold the power to rise through the mud and bloom towards the sunlight.  

I am honored you've chosen to join

The Lotus Pond community.

Together, we will hold one another

in beauty, light and love. 

In Warmth,


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