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"Jessica's coaching is not for the faint of heart - she will take you to your past, unpack your present, and support you to make tangible goals for the future. The best element is that the sessions are not about changing you but about knowing which parts to tap. Jessica can recognize your strengths - even the ones you did not realize you had, and will hold you accountable for enhancing those innate traits into your everyday life."

- Nayoung, Singapore

The TLP 1:1 Experience is a personalized, co-created journey designed to unlock and align one’s inner and outer life. For when we are holistically aligned, we are then able to live with ease, awareness, truth, purpose, and joy. Whether you are seeking clarity or balance, feeling blocked or distressed, or needing support in reaching personal, professional or spiritual goals - it all begins by reconnecting within.


We recognize that each (hero)ine’s path is unique and timely. With every individual, TLP blends mentorship coaching with mind-body-spiritual science and practices. Depending on your 1:1 intentions, you may encounter and learn techniques such as mindfulness, energy work, writing therapy, creative arts, archetypal symbolism, positive and spiritual psychology - tools that you can carry into your daily life, enhancing your health, wellbeing, and relationships with others and oneself. TLP 1:1 not only tunes into and manifests your soul intentions, but also paves way for divine guidance towards your highest self.


If your heart is stirred in an inexplicable way, most likely it is a sign that your soul journey is ready to begin. Reach out to explore what’s on your heart and how we can co-create a unique mind-body-soul experience that’s aligned to your inner core and outer truth. 


1:1 spaces are limited to guarantee personalized attention. If you feel truly called, book a clarity call with Jessica today to explore a mind-body & spiritual mentorship program designed just for you!


May our paths cross in divine timing. 

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