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"I look forward to beginning each month with Jessica's MMM. Under her careful guidance, I am able to tune into my current state and no matter how I was feeling before our session, I always leave feeling lighter, more aware, and with more capacity for kindness towards all beings, and perhaps most importantly, towards myself."

- brenda, Taiwan

What started off as a personal offering for my mama friends during the pandemic has now transformed itself into a regular online meditation community! 

Monthly Mindful Meditation (MMM) welcomes all who are in need of a PAUSE amidst their busy lives! During these 30-minutes online session, we tune-in, meditate, share, and reflect upon everyday topics. There's something so special about coming together in real time. Our hope is for you to experience an instant mental uplift, a more connected body, a refreshed spirit, and lots of community love. MMM is a wonderful wellness boost to help you flow through your busy days with ease, clarity, compassion for you and your loved ones! And the best part is ... it's FREE! RSVP monthly and if you're new, see the following steps:

1. Fill out your information below! 

2. Check your email monthly for reminders, RSVP forms & zoom link.  

3. Show up and participate from wherever you are, however you like!


JOIN MMM today & share this FREE resource to anyone who may need it! Be ready to receive all that you deserve! See you there. 

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