Monday Mommy Meditation


What started off as a personal offering for my friends during the pandemic lockdown has now transformed itself into a regular mama meditation circle! 

Every 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, we take time to drop in, relax, and share in the beautiful name of motherhood. A simple 20-minute biweekly routine allow for a clearer mind, a more loosened body, and a refreshed spirit that allow us to move through the days with more ease, clarity, and compassion for others, and ourselves. 

This group is a FREE offering. All we ask is for you to show up as you are and be ready to love!



I commit to joining a minimum of 1 session a month, and to treat myself, my facilitator, and my group with kindness. The Lotus Pond will not track participation. The commitment is purely for yourself - to show up, to practice and to hold space for myself and others.

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If you feel called, or know someone who may benefit from this circle, simply fill out the registration form!

Once you enter your email address, we will send you the latest schedule and zoom information to join the group. Although this is an open offering, meditation works best by committing to one’s wellbeing. By adding a regular meditation practice into your calendar and showing up, you will be able to experience the meditative benefits of stress relief, increased focus, higher self-awareness and deep alignment.

Image by Annie Spratt


This morning my mind was so filled with thoughts and I didn’t really feel like I was in a good mindset to do the meditating. But actually it was the perfect time to do it. Thank you!

- Annie, Shanghai

Thank you for sharing the recording. I can listen and relax whenever I have alone time, even on the subway to work! Your voice is very calming. Awesome recording! You rock! You are truly amazing and brilliant!

- Ariel, Taiwan

MMM has been a great way for me to set aside some time for the purpose of stopping myself to be present for myself.

- Shan, Taiwan

Attending online mediation with Jessica brings me new connections with my mind and body. I love it!

- Winnie,  Taiwan

I look forward to beginning each week with Jessica's MMM. Under her careful guidance, I am able to tune into my current state and no matter how I was feeling before our session, I always leave feeling lighter, more aware, and with more capacity for kindness towards all beings, and perhaps most importantly, towards myself.

- brenda, Taiwan